Fine art school portraits

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Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom for a quick (but optional) pre-registration/questionnaire that allows you to share important info with me -- together we can make your child super comfortable, which makes for the best photos!

Questions & Answers

Do I have to commit to buying something BEFORE you take my child's picture?

Nope! I take the photos, up to 4 weeks after the proofs will be available to view and purchase on an online gallery, then you can purchase any collection that you'd like to have.

What should my child wear?

A few things we recommend are: solid colors, texture details like; buttons, cuffs, collars, lace, etc. Neutral colors give a classic look. Try to avoid neon colors, logos, and dirty clothing.

How do I get the photos?

Your school will provide you with an Online Gallery Link via email AND on a printed flyer sent home with your kiddo. After you view and submit your order, our lab will print and ship your images directly to you.

What if I want a large wall piece?

We would love to help you order that! Just fill out our contact form or send us a direct email at:

Will that watermark be on my printed images?

Nope! All images purchased will be watermark free!

If I have more than one child, can we also get sibling photos?

Absolutely! We would love to help keep those yearly memories updated for you!

I can't decide between two of my child's photos. Can I split a package between two images?

Nope, but it's a-okay to buy one package with one photo and another with a different one, or simply opt for digital files and print your own.

What if I want to tell you about my child first?

You can absolutely tell us about them! There is a questionnaire below for you to send us information. It's 100% optional!

Where can I find pricing?

Scroll down, we've got our full menu below for you to look at anytime!

What if I have more questions?

We are here to help! Fill out our contact form here on our website or email us directly at:

Scroll down to fill out the optional QUESTIONNAIRE about your child

Meet your photographers

Hey there!

We are Grace (right) and Mercedes (left) with Grace Marie Studios. We are 2 fun, loving, positive, God loving, powerful women who love supporting locals, eating good food and taking photographs.

Want to know us better? Go to our "Home Page" here on our website to read more!

Tell us about your child

This form is 100% optional but very helpful in making your child comfortable and happy during our brief time together.

Please take a moment, if you have one, to fill it out!

Do you grant permission for us to use your Childs images for marketing material for advertising our business?

This is a good place to tell me about special needs, triggers, etc, as well as appearance-related things to check (Example: make sure her hair isn't in her face)