You are real.

you are raw.

you are rare.

Let's embrace it and capture it. Your real, your raw, your rareness! Right here and now.

I want to know you. I want to see you in your element, in your space. I want to come into your home and feel the love, the stories, the energy and the rawness. I want to see the unwashed dishes, the imperfect mess. I want to feel inspired by your home, by your belongings, and by you. No need to move things, hide things, clean, or change your space. I want to come in and make magic with your area. I can always move, adjust and change as we move through, but ill communicate that with you at that time. I want to see where the best light is peeking into your home and see those uncommon areas that are what makes you reality. I want to earn your trust where you can welcome me into your chaos and trust that I will show you your beauty through my eyes. If you're not ready to invite me into your home we can always shoot at my Flagstaff Studio or a rented by you room. If all fails we can always shoot in our Flagstaff Studio or an Airbnb.

I deeply believe that each and every person is beautiful in our own way! Differences is what makes us individual and unique. Whether your single, married or if your relationship status is just a mess, you're a business woman, a stay-at-home-mother or trying to be both, you're an aunt, a grandmother or an animal mama, you're tall, short, or somewhere in between. YOU are beautiful and worthy! You deserve to have an experience to capture yourself and see the beauty in your life. You deserve portraits of yourself to look back on a daily basis and feel BADASS! You deserve to do this for you!


What is Boudoir?

Boudoir photography is all about empowering and loving yourself. Stripping yourself of all your insecurities, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in a world that tells you not to. Learning to acknowledge and appreciate your body as is. 

I'm not confident in myself, should I do this?

YES GIRL, YEEESSSS!!!!! Ive heard all the excuses...I need to lose weight, Im not pretty enough, I don't look like them, Im not confident, etc. 
Trust me! You are perfect just the way you are! You are beautiful! You are worthy! Im here to guide you, encourage you and reassure you that you are enough! This experience is all about loving yourself, as you are! Let me show you that you are stunning! This is for EVERYwoman!

Will you share my images online?

The gorgeous woman's images I have shared online have given me permission to be shared. You do NOT have to share yours unless you want to :) I have 3 different options on sharing your images that we will go over after you've seen your portraits. Your privacy is 100% important to me!

I need my portraits for a specific date, how far in advance should I book my session?

 If your session is on a time time frame please let us know as soon as possible. Typically we recommend your session to happen 2-3 months prior to when you need your products. We will do the best we can to accommodate your needs.

What do I do when Im ready to book?

Email, call, or text me! Ill answer any questions that you have, discuss the whole experience, then you can pay your session fee and we get you on the calendar! After that I start sending you emails to help you prepare for your experience.

How will I know how to pose? What should I wear? How do I prepare for my session?  

Don't worry, I got you! Its my job to do all of the hard work, including posing you head to toe and helping guide you through breathing techniques to help with facial expressions! I recommend bringing a suitcase full of outfits! Once you book I do send you a very detailed session prep and outfit guide!