Step One - Reach Out

Deciding to go for it and book your session is nerve-wracking. I understand, but girl I'm here for you! I want to help you through those nerves, help you prepare, and help you grow with this experience! I want you to feel badass and beautiful! Strong and powerful! In order for me to do any of this for you, YOU have to reach out first! You can email, text, or fill out our contact form here on our website! Once you reach out we will schedule a Free Consultation which is where we jump on the phone for a quick 10-15 minute chat where I get to walk you through all of the details and you can ask all of your questions.

Step Two - Booking & Preparing

After our quick chat you'll decide that we are a good fit and book! Ill email you a digital agreement that protects us both and we will pick a date. You'll get MANY emails preparing you leading up to your session, including some awesome discounts with some local lady bosses, and your session details.

Step Three - Your Session

You've been given outfit help, prep tips and tricks, discounts to be pampered and now its the big day!!! Woohoo you've made it! You'll come in nervous, you may sit in your car an extra minute and think to yourself "What did I sign up for?", but you'll come in and immediately meet Ellen, our Talented Makeup Artist! Her smile and vibe will calm you instantly. You two will meet and chat about what you're wanting or not wanting. Her go-to is an enhanced natural look, but she can do anything you request! She even includes gorgeous lashes in her makeup routine too! The bigger, the better! Lashes really make a portrait and make your eyes pop! After you've sat with her from 1 to 1.5 hours you get to come into the shooting space with me, Grace. You lay out all of the outfits your brought on our couch and we discuss what you brought. Ill show you some studio pieces that we carry, sizes XS-6X, and we work together to choose your favorites and finalize which pieces will flatter your body best! Then, we get to work! I discuss all the details of how I pose you head to toe, how I help with breathing techniques, facial expressions and how I show you sneak peeks behind the camera to reassure you how AMAZING you look! After we shoot for 60-90 minutes we hug and part ways. I go home and creatively edit your images.

Step Four - Preview & Purchasing

Once we leave your session, we schedule your preview & purchasing appointment up to 14 days later! 

This is the BEST part!!! 

This is where we get to ooohhh and awwweee and see your portraits! We get to fall in love with the magic we created together and you get to order your favorites. You get to choose which images, products and payment options that fit you best! 


What is Boudoir?

Boudoir photography is all about empowering and loving yourself. Stripping yourself of all your insecurities, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in a world that tells you not to. Learning to acknowledge and appreciate your body as is. 

I'm not confident in myself, should I do this?

YES GIRL, YEEESSSS!!!!! Ive heard all the excuses...I need to lose weight, Im not pretty enough, I don't look like them, Im not confident, etc. 
Trust me! You are perfect just the way you are! You are beautiful! You are worthy! Im here to guide you, encourage you and reassure you that you are enough! This experience is all about loving yourself, as you are! Let me show you that you are stunning! This is for EVERYwoman!

Will you share my images online?

The gorgeous woman's images I have shared online have given me permission to be shared. You do NOT have to share yours unless you want to :) I have 3 different options on sharing your images that we will go over after you've seen your portraits. Your privacy is 100% important to me!

I need my portraits for a specific date, how far in advance should I book my session?

 If your session is on a time time frame please let us know as soon as possible. Typically we recommend your session to happen 2-3 months prior to when you need your products. We will do the best we can to accommodate your needs.

What do I do when Im ready to book?

Email, call, or text me! Ill answer any questions that you have, discuss the whole experience, then you can pay your session fee and we get you on the calendar! After that I start sending you emails to help you prepare for your experience.

How will I know how to pose? What should I wear? How do I prepare for my session?  

Don't worry, I got you! Its my job to do all of the hard work, including posing you head to toe and helping guide you through breathing techniques to help with facial expressions! I recommend bringing a suitcase full of outfits! Once you book I do send you a very detailed session prep and outfit guide!