Grace gilmer

owner & photographer

Hey There Mamacita! 

I'm Grace, a woman's empowerment portrait photographer located in Flagstaff, AZ.

I'm a mama to 3 wickedly cool, loving, crazy kiddos, a spouse to a man that reminds me daily that he loves me, and a lover of life and adventures! 

I thank God every day for my family while I drink my coffee, I have a hippy soul and LOVE everything! Im crazy positive and believe everything happens for a reason! I'm always down for an adventure! I listen to music WAY too loud and love to drink Sangria wine.

Any-who, I can take up your precious time and the space here to ramble about me and why I do what I do, but instead I'm going to keep it sweet and simple.

I have a very deep passion to capture women and help show you how magnificent you are! You are such a powerful, gorgeous woman! Your body deserves to be photographed as is, right here and now!

I understand you're busy, I am here to guide you through each step of the process! Girl I got you! From choosing your outfits, to posing you head-to-toe, to wiping lipstick off your teeth, and to deciding how you'd love to display your portraits and which ones look best in an album or on your wall! I have your back! Can't wait to chat! XOXO -Grace

Ellen Navarro

Makeup Artist

Ellen is our extremely talented makeup artist! Her aura is loving and accepting. Once you come into the studio she greats you with a huge smile and kind eyes. She is powerful and an open book! She helps you find your style in makeup and chit chats the whole time with you. She genuinely cares and has you laughing throughout the entire time you work with her. 

She is a wife to an amazing loving man, a mama to the two sweetest boys in the world and owns her own Makeup Artistry business. 

She not only can help you with your experience here at GMS, but she does event and wedding makeup too! Just ask!

Ellen is one of the most fabulous humans you will ever meet! She has a deep soul and always sees the best in others!

We are so grateful to have Ellen on our team to help you during your experience :)

What is a Soul Session?


A Soul Session with Grace Marie Studios is a Self-acceptance and Self-love portrait experience that is unique to each woman as she is to the world. Self-acceptance is accepting yourself in spite of your flaws. Self-love is loving yourself because of them. We work together to create some stunning, vunerable portraits of you for you to accept and love yourself a little more and more each time you look at them. Are you ready?

Lets make some magic

Information for you

“"Grace is not only a phenomenal photographer, she is truly an amazing person inside and out! My first session with her, I walked in super nervous about the coming events. By the time that I was walking out of the house, I had my head held high and I had a new feeling running through my body. For the first time in forever, I was in love with MYSELF! I was full of self confidence and I couldn't stop smiling. She is amazing to work with and I will absolutely be scheduling more sessions with her!"”